Weigh-in Wednesday 5.20.15

Pretty Strong Medicine

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday, y’all! I lost a LITTLE tiny bit of weight this week. I’m slowly working my way back down to being as close to 100 pounds lost as I was a couple of weeks ago:


That’s a little baby loss of 0.4 lbs, but I’ll take it! I am worried about weighing in next week; we have a huge family reunion on Patrick’s side of the family this weekend and there is bound to be lots of food and booze. I am kicking my butt working out before hand, but we’ll see. I need more self control than I had at the cabin, that is for sure. Between “dance fitness” (a new zumba-like class I am attending) last night and Thursday, yoga tonight, cardio on Friday evening and cardio/lifting on Saturday morning, I should at least counteract some of what happens this weekend with food/drink. We shall see…

RANDOM, NON-WEIGHT-LOSS RELATED INFO: A lot of my thought recently has been preoccupied with the fact that I (very spontaneously) decided a month or two ago to take a volunteer “working vacation” out to Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to work on the Oglala Lakota Indian reservation there with a wonderful group called Re-Member. Originally, my vacation week was going to be spent at home doing a “stay-cation,” resting and getting some things done around the house, but recently I’ve been more motivated through discussions in church adult Sunday school and other conversations to actually practice my ecumenical (if you don’t know that means, that’s ok–google it!) Christian faith by serving those in need. I am really thankful that this organization is a “non-evangelical” one; they have no interest in missionaries, and I have no interest in being a missionary. I simply want to live out my faith tradition through action, and hope that I can help show some of the people on the rez through those actions that not ALL Christians practice the dangerous fundamentalism that drove the white settlers/invaders to justify their hatred, racism, and violence toward Indians (that same fundamentalism exists today, unfortunately). In addition, many non-Indian Americans are completely unaware of the current conditions in which the indigenous peoples of this country are living, and I feel a huge responsibility to make people aware (if you are interested, check out these statistics) of the issues at hand.

At any rate, most of my thought is consumed with learning about the Lakota people, the history involved, and most importantly, the current life of Indians in the area before I take my trip. I will definitely keep blogging on Weigh-in Wednesdays, however, but will definitely be skipping out the week in July that I am in SD. Hope y’all have a great week!

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6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 5.20.15

  1. I would love to do a working vacation like that! Not as hard of work but the summer between 8th & 9th grade our church youth group spent a week in inner city Detroit on a mission trip doing VBS, feeding the homeless, and I forget what else.

  2. I live in South Dakota! But I’m pretty sure it’s on the opposite side of Pine Ridge. I actually don’t know for sure where it is, but most of the reservations are West River. Hope you enjoy!

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