Weigh in Wednesday 7.29.15

Yeah, for whatever reason I just can’t get the graphic for Weigh-in Wednesday to work for me. oh well–I’ll still link up!

Hi friends! Checking in for a very short drive-by weigh-in Wednesday update; here’s what the scale said yesterday:

"--63.8 lbs"

“–63.8 lbs”

Whoopsie, that’s a gain of 2.2 lbs! Can’t say I’m surprised. I had a lot ‘o booze, fried foods, and other sundry not-so-good-for-me items this week, and even though I got back to dance fitness, I missed the gym on the weekend. (This whole YMCA being closed on Sunday thing in the summers is killing me–oh, and they’re only open until 2pm on Saturdays. Found that out the tough way this past weekend when I got there at 2:10pm. DAMN. So, of course, I drove to the store and bought oreos, lol).

At any rate, I am doing pretty well so far this week. Ate ONLY my daily 28 points yesterday, and will have eaten 30 of them today (I had a thing of chips and queso from Qdoba for lunch and will be eating cereal for dinner…SSSOOOOOOO nutritionally sound, amirite?!) So now I am super full but it’s ok.

I am actually going back to yoga tonight (thought I’d go last week but didn’t) and am super excited about it. Ommmmm. 🙂

In addition, here is my latest transformation Tuesday pic:

wiw 7.28 2

I posted it on facebook yesterday and got an outpouring of love and congrats. My friends are the best, and it was just the confidence booster I needed after the gain. It’s all good!

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Weigh-in Wednesday 7.22.15

Hi, everyone!

SO sorry I’ve been MIA for a while! I took my trip to SD the week before last (which was amazing) and then got a sinus infection immediately upon my return last week, so was out of commission for a bit. I didn’t count WW points AT ALL when I was out in SD, I just ate intuitively, and ate A LOT, because I was doing manual labor. I didn’t work out other than a few dog walks last week, so needless to say, I had NO CLUE what to expect on the scale. So, I stepped on yesterday morning and was happily surprised:



Since July 1, that’s a loss of 3 pounds! I am SO happy with that. This puts me at 169.8, my lowest weight on my weight loss journey. This is a total of 103.2 pounds lost!!! 🙂 I am really excited about this. I know I’m just BARELY in the 160s, but I’m there, damnit. So I’m pretty excited!

I got back to the gym last night for dance fitness, and it felt awesome. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be, and I felt so great after. Tonight I am going to yoga, yay!

I am thinking about possibly posting the email that I sent to my friend about my experience in SD. It’s really long, but I could include some pictures as well. We’ll see–I may post either tomorrow or Friday. I may not though, so if you are SUPER interested in hearing about it, please email me and I’ll send it to you individually. Not sure yet!

Well, that’s about all the news I have here for now. So far, this summer is like any other summer, yay!

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Weigh-in Wednesday 7.1.15

Hi y’all!

I am having trouble getting the Weigh-in Wednesday graphic to work, so here’s the picture of my scale for this week:



Yup, that’s a gain of 2 pounds. I’m not all that surprised as the 4 pound loss last week was pretty epic; I had wondered if maybe I ACTUALLY lost 4 pounds or if that’s just what showed up on the scale. Oh well! I’m not all that upset about this gain. I was REALLY proud of myself this past week for my exercise. I worked out a little or a lot EVERY day of the week except Monday (2 days ago), so I’m really happy w/ that:

last Tuesday: dance fitness
last Wed: yoga
last Thursday: dance fitness
Friday: I ran around campus like a crazy person getting lots of exercise…long story lol
Saturday: took dog on a walk
Sunday: 2 mile walking DVD

Yay! So whatever is all I have to say to those 2 stupid pounds. My clothes still feel awesome, and I feel awesome, and that’s all that matters.

I am leaving on my “work vacation” in South Dakota the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. I am so excited, so ready. I am packed and am ready to get the hell outta here! I took last night off of working out in order to give myself a chill night–I have been pushing myself SO hard lately in preparation for my trip and for working out blah blah blah that I haven’t had a single “couch night” in weeks, maybe even months. So it was really nice. Tonight I have a work dinner, so I’ll miss out on yoga–boo–but I will try to get to dance fitness tomorrow night, as I think it’ll help me sleep better the night before my trip.

So, I won’t be checking in next week for weigh-in…but I’ll return the week of July 13th for a post and a weigh-in update; I’ll be doing quite a bit of manual labor out west so hopefully that’ll help. I am thinking that I’m not even going to count points while there because it’s kind of like cafeteria style food and I will have NO clue how to count point values…so I’m thinking that intuitive eating is going to be the way for me to go. Plus, I won’t have my phone to track points on my app, and I’m too lazy to write it down. So, we shall see! See you all in a couple of weeks!

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