Weigh-in Wednesday 7.1.15

Hi y’all!

I am having trouble getting the Weigh-in Wednesday graphic to work, so here’s the picture of my scale for this week:



Yup, that’s a gain of 2 pounds. I’m not all that surprised as the 4 pound loss last week was pretty epic; I had wondered if maybe I ACTUALLY lost 4 pounds or if that’s just what showed up on the scale. Oh well! I’m not all that upset about this gain. I was REALLY proud of myself this past week for my exercise. I worked out a little or a lot EVERY day of the week except Monday (2 days ago), so I’m really happy w/ that:

last Tuesday: dance fitness
last Wed: yoga
last Thursday: dance fitness
Friday: I ran around campus like a crazy person getting lots of exercise…long story lol
Saturday: took dog on a walk
Sunday: 2 mile walking DVD

Yay! So whatever is all I have to say to those 2 stupid pounds. My clothes still feel awesome, and I feel awesome, and that’s all that matters.

I am leaving on my “work vacation” in South Dakota the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. I am so excited, so ready. I am packed and am ready to get the hell outta here! I took last night off of working out in order to give myself a chill night–I have been pushing myself SO hard lately in preparation for my trip and for working out blah blah blah that I haven’t had a single “couch night” in weeks, maybe even months. So it was really nice. Tonight I have a work dinner, so I’ll miss out on yoga–boo–but I will try to get to dance fitness tomorrow night, as I think it’ll help me sleep better the night before my trip.

So, I won’t be checking in next week for weigh-in…but I’ll return the week of July 13th for a post and a weigh-in update; I’ll be doing quite a bit of manual labor out west so hopefully that’ll help. I am thinking that I’m not even going to count points while there because it’s kind of like cafeteria style food and I will have NO clue how to count point values…so I’m thinking that intuitive eating is going to be the way for me to go. Plus, I won’t have my phone to track points on my app, and I’m too lazy to write it down. So, we shall see! See you all in a couple of weeks!

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8 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 7.1.15

  1. Found your blog through the link up and followed you on Bloglovin. Congrats on the weight loss last week! And you have a great attitude about the scale this week. If your clothes are fitting great and you feel great, that’s way more important. Keep up the hard work!

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! So glad you were able to find me and follow. I’ll be MIA for the next week as I am going out of town, but will be back soon. Thanks again for the kind words!

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