Weigh in Wednesday 7.29.15

Yeah, for whatever reason I just can’t get the graphic for Weigh-in Wednesday to work for me. oh well–I’ll still link up!

Hi friends! Checking in for a very short drive-by weigh-in Wednesday update; here’s what the scale said yesterday:

"--63.8 lbs"

“–63.8 lbs”

Whoopsie, that’s a gain of 2.2 lbs! Can’t say I’m surprised. I had a lot ‘o booze, fried foods, and other sundry not-so-good-for-me items this week, and even though I got back to dance fitness, I missed the gym on the weekend. (This whole YMCA being closed on Sunday thing in the summers is killing me–oh, and they’re only open until 2pm on Saturdays. Found that out the tough way this past weekend when I got there at 2:10pm. DAMN. So, of course, I drove to the store and bought oreos, lol).

At any rate, I am doing pretty well so far this week. Ate ONLY my daily 28 points yesterday, and will have eaten 30 of them today (I had a thing of chips and queso from Qdoba for lunch and will be eating cereal for dinner…SSSOOOOOOO nutritionally sound, amirite?!) So now I am super full but it’s ok.

I am actually going back to yoga tonight (thought I’d go last week but didn’t) and am super excited about it. Ommmmm. šŸ™‚

In addition, here is my latest transformation Tuesday pic:

wiw 7.28 2

I posted it on facebook yesterday and got an outpouring of love and congrats. My friends are the best, and it was just the confidence booster I needed after the gain. It’s all good!

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7 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday 7.29.15

  1. I’m having problems with the link up too. I can save the image to the desktop and then link it back but it’s not the right code or something. Hope they get it fixed soon.

    Sorry about the gain but man, what a transformation pic! You. Are. AMAZING!!!! ā¤

    (So so so sorry about the long delay in both the email and commenting here. Gall bladders.. sigh)

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