Weigh-in Wednesday 8.5.15

Hey y’all, I almost forgot to post today! Whoops. Here are today’s results:



Yeah, so that’s a loss of 2.2 lbs. Nice! I was honestly SUPER surprised about this because I did end up going to GenCon for a night/day, and therefore ate ALL OF THE THINGS and drank ALL OF THE BEER. But I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight each year at GenCon because of the phenomenal amount of walking that I do, so I’m down with this. Plus I ACTUALLY got back to yoga last week, so that was super exciting. Going back tonight, can’t wait! It’s one of my fave parts of the week.

Here’s a pic of me and the hubs from GenCon, we had a blast as usual, even though we weren’t there for all 4 days this year!


Yesterday, I took a HUGE step. I canceled my Weight Watchers subscription! Let’s face it, people. I’ve lost 103 pounds over the past 3ish years, and I am basically a plan expert at this point (even if WW doesn’t consider me one or pay me to be one, lol). I am still counting points and tracking everything I eat, the only difference is that I’m NOT paying Weight Watchers to give me an app to calculate points and write it all down–so, I just do it myself. I can pretty much look at anything and guess the point value, being pretty accurate most of the time. Plus, I know how to be reasonable now. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Weight Watchers and am not doing this to hate on them–they helped me lose 103 pounds, for God’s sake! BUT I need to save some $ each month and this is a good way to do it. I’ll still be weighing in once a week, tracking my food/points, and checking in on the blog. I found a site that calculates how many points a day I should be eating, and it’s basically in line with what Weight Watchers told me–so, if I lose more weight, I know when and how much to adjust. Yay!

Hope y’all have great weigh-ins. That’s it for me this week!

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10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 8.5.15

  1. SO awesome that you have done so well for yourself. I don’t blame you for cancelling your subscription. It is time. And that stuff can get pricey. Good luck doing it on your own!

  2. Nice loss! I loved WW when I did it, but I have since found that I would choose a 100 cal pack of cookies over a banana, and lets face it, the banana is way healthier. It’s probably different now. Glad you had fun at GenCon!

  3. Glad you were able to make it to GenCon, even for one day. I steered clear of downtown after leaving work so I wouldn’t have to deal with the crowds. So much was going on last weekend!

    I don’t remember…did you do the meetings or just WW online?

  4. Yay girl!!!! Great loss! Did you get to do everything you wanted to do in your 1 day at GenCon?

    I don’t think I replied to your email but nope, I wasn’t at GenCon. :*( It was early this year and didn’t work with my schedule. Bummer!

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