Weigh-in Wednesday 10.28.15

Hi, friends! Long time, no blog 🙂

I am FINALLY off the road for 2015 and very happy to be back in a routine. I definitely stopped counting points while on the road, but I am pretty proud of myself for making an effort to exercise at my hotel gym almost every day that I was staying in a different city.

To recap, I’ll just post my facebook status from the day I returned from my last travel trip:

“59 high school visits, 7 college fairs, 11 hotels, 11 cities, and 5 states later, I bid adieu to admissions travel season 2015. Here’s to all those awesome students, counselors, independent educational professionals, and especially to fellow admissions reps I met on the road–y’all are the reason we do this and are able to maintain a semblance of sanity!”

Yeah, that’s a lot, man. It was fun though, as usual! Just super exhausting. And, because all I do when I travel is eat out, I typically gain weight. So, here’s my latest weigh-in from yesterday:



That’s a GAIN of 2 pounds since my last weigh in last month, and overall a gain of 3.2 lbs from my lowest weight on my weight loss journey. I am super ok with this, as it’s not terrible considering how much I was eating out. I went back to counting points yesterday morning, and I had a great workout session last night (30 minutes of dance fitness cardio and 30 minutes of arm weight lifting…woo! Sore this morning, lol). So, I am definitely back in the game, and ready to get rid of those 3 pounds I picked up. Hoping to have them gone by the time we go to DISNEY WORLD IN 45 DAYS!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

Hope y’all have great weigh-ins. I’ve missed you!

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