Weigh-in Wednesday 1.13.16

Hi y’all!

I am not sure how many of my weight-loss blogging friends are still out there (except Des!), and thus am not sure how many people are reading. However, I still want to post on here regardless of that to keep a personal record for myself. I have not been counting points anymore, but I feel like I am pretty diligent about eating in moderation and that has helped. In addition, I have stopped drinking alcohol for a while (that ALWAYS causes me to gain weight, so I thought I’d cut it out for a bit), coffee, pop, and any other type of caffeinated beverages. Surprisingly, I feel great ! I am also exercising 3-5 times a week to help keep me in shape. Here is this week’s weigh-in:



Woot! That’s a loss of 0.6 lbs! Yay. I think this is officially the lowest I’ve ever weighed on my blog, at 169.0. Into the 160s, woot! Like I said in my last post–I’m not really trying SUPER hard at this point to lose more weight. I’m just combining eating smartly with working out, and will take it from there. If I happen to lose weight along the way, that’s cool too!

Hope y’all have a great week. This weekend is the annual church choir retreat w/ my inlaws and their church choir at a state park. We ALWAYS look forward to this weekend. I will most likely not weigh in next week as it is supposed to be TOM week and also we will have a big weekend of eating. Look for me again in two weeks! 🙂

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