About Me


Yay for professional photos!

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Kelly, a twenty-something wife and dog mommy living in Indiana. When I started this blog I had lost 37 lbs and am still on my way (weigh?) to goal weight around 154 lbs or so–I’ve lost 95 pounds now! I enjoy hanging out with my hubby Patrick and our friends, our dog Clara, cooking, baking, and reading. Join me on my journey!

Here a few fun facts about me:

I HATE all condiments except for ketchup!

I’m a supernerd, and I don’t just mean the “enjoys-Star-Wars-and-has-the-ability-to-crack-the-occasional-Monty-Python-joke” type of nerd; I play Dungeons and Dragons with my husband and our good group of friends at least once a week. Don’t knock it ’till you try it, it’s tons of fun!

Have you seen the movie Admission with Tina Fey? I do what she does in that movie for a living at the #1 undergraduate engineering school in the US!

My absolute favorite author in the world is Stephen King. I swear I’m not a weirdo.

My husband and I love to play disc/frisbee golf in our free time.

I am a professional musician (viola–think big violin!) and both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in viola performance.

When I reach goal weight, I plan to torture reward myself with a partial sleeve tattoo that somehow combines my love of Art Noveau with my Scottish heritage.


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