So today I am feeling pretty blah once again; I don’t know why, but I have just been super tired this week! I don’t understand this, as I usually have a lot of energy on the weeks that I work out…oh well. I wonder if it’s because I’ve gotten really bad about my pop quota for myself (try to only do 1-2 pops a week) because last week I had a diet coke virtually every morning at work to get me through post-GenCon weekend! Argh! So now I am not having a diet coke every morning, and I think my body is like “WHAT’S GOING ON?!!?” Oh well.

Not much to report here…Patrick and I are celebrating a whole TWO YEARS of being married on September 17, so today I came up with ideas of what to do for him/plans for the anniversary itself. I am really excited about my idea for an at-home date, but don’t want to spoil it yet because he reads this sometimes! (sorry honey!) I don’t know…usually I can’t keep anything from him for more than a day, so he’ll probably get it out of me tonight or tomorrow and then I can post about it, lol. Oh well!

It seems like we just got married yesterday! I think I might even be skinnier now than I was at my wedding 2 years ago, although I honestly didn’t care about and wasn’t monitoring my weight then and have no idea what I weighed! Here I am right before the ceremony (odd face, I know) with a couple of my bridesmaids! (Click on pic for a bigger image!)

kelly dress

What a great day 🙂 At any rate, I don’t have much going on to talk about today. Last night instead of going to zumba like I thought I would, I did a 3 mile walking DVD at home…it was just as sweaty as zumba! I was just feeling pretty sore from 5 days of zumba the week before, and some of my muscles needed a change.

Tonight I plan on doing at least 2 miles with a walking DVD after our new employee work dinner, if not the strength training/cardio resistance band DVD that I like. We’ll see!

Almost…the…weekend! Stay strong everyone!


I’ve lost a 3-year-old!

OK people, I haven’t actually misplaced a small child–I’ve lost 41 LBS which is equivalent to an average-sized 3-year-old! What the hell! Wooooohooo!

So anyway, I LOST AGAIN this week (1.2 lbs)! Wow, this is 3 weeks in a row…I’m telling you, it’s the zumba. I am ob.freaking.sessed. Seriously, I get cranky when I can’t make a zumba workout. Look at what the scale said this morning!

Sorry for the blurry--it says "--4.6" !!!

Sorry for the blurry–it says “–4.6” !!!

Yaaaay! This means that I’ve lost like 41.7 lbs now. Super exciting! I was really surprised when I saw this on the scale this morning, as on Monday morning, it said “+1.4”. Yikes! But I’m pretty sure that was from my insane sodium binge on Sunday, and Monday and yesterday I really worked on flushing my system with water, so I think that helped.

OH, TOTALLY RANDOM THING THAT I JUST REMEMBERED: I can’t believe I keep forgetting to post this, but Sadie got adopted by another family! She got adopted like 3 days after we dropped her off, so I was really really happy about that! It looks like she went to a young couple with a small son–she loves little kids, so this was awesome news. At any rate, I meant to post about that a zillion years ago when it happened, but just forgot.

I’m mildly worried about this week and working out…tomorrow night, I have to go to a “new employee” dinner at my work, even though I’ve been working here for 7 months. Then on Friday night, I have to go to a dinner for transfer students coming in…I’m going to try to make it down to zumba at the Y after the dinner, but I’m not sure if that’ll work…Saturday, I can’t make it to zumba because it’s the opening remarks at orientation for the students and I’m required to be at work…but then I’ll be able to do Monday and Tuesday. Ugh. I’m REALLY going to try to get to zumba on Friday night, even if I’m a little bit late. After that, I’m planning on going over to Bre’s to watch Titanic and enjoy some wine because the boys are all going to a bachelor party. The days that I’d typically go to zumba that I can’t (tomorrow and Saturday), I’m going to try and do at least 2 miles of Leslie Sansone’s “Walk at Home” DVDs. They’re really good workouts even if they’re not zumba, and at least it’ll keep me active.

I weigh in on Tuesday of next week for the “6 week weight loss challenge” that we’ve been doing at work. If their scale is the same as mine, I’ll have lost almost 8 pounds in this time! The person who loses the highest % of their first recorded weight will win some work out gear. I’m not worried about winning, I’m just more excited that I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks! (The annoying thing about this is that their scale weighed me at 5 lbs more than my one at home! Poo!) At any rate, I’ll post about how that goes.

I’ll leave you with a cute sleepy pic of Clara. She was curled up last night with me watching Law and Order SVU (our fave!)



Mediocre Monday…

So today I am just feeling mediocre…I had a really nice weekend wherein I pretty much just cleaned the house (yay!), watched Battlestar Galactica, and caught up on Dexter. HOLY DEXTER. It’s getting so good! I am bummed because the season finale is the first time I’ll be out of town traveling for work (I travel 4-6 weeks in the fall for admissions) and my hotel doesn’t have Showtime!! ARGHGHGHGHGHGHG. I was seriously considering changing hotels, but at this point it’s already booked, and I’m just not feeling like changing it, lol. I can watch it DVR’d @ Bre and Scott’s anyway. Lol.

Also this weekend, I went to Aldi and found some really pretty orchids (my fave flower EVA) and put them on the kitchen table. It was gorgeous weather this weekend (albeit HOT) and so I tried to snap a pic but it’s kinda blurry. I GOT THEM FOR $4.99! Yay Aldi. You are the best for poor people like me. And seriously ya’ll, I am p-o-o-r.

They are purple...hard to tell in this pic!

They are purple…hard to tell in this pic!

I also went to zumba on Saturday morning–it was good! A little bit different style than my other classes, so it was a nice change of pace. Then went to Subway to get a sandwich and apple slices (no chips!) and went thru Panera’s drive through for an iced green tea, my fave drink of theirs. I figure that can be a little treat for me after my Saturday am zumba classes! I made pasta and garlic bread for dinner Sat night, and then PIGGED OUT on Sunday. Guys, I’m talking piggy piggy piggy. Like, IDK what happened in my brain, but WOW.

Patrick and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch and I ate 2.5 breadsticks with cheese and 2.5 pieces of pizza (hand-tossed). WHAT. It was yummy, but I felt disgusting after. Then of course, I couldn’t work out, because I was feeling like such a fatty fat…went to Bre and Scott’s for a Dexter marathon, and they ordered pizza. FORTUNATELY I avoided the pizza since I was still full, but decided to get some white cheddar cheezits and instead of eating only 1 serving, I ate THE ENTIRE FRAKKING BAG PLUS A KLONDIKE BAR. OMG, I was seriously so ashamed, like that is my old self coming out! Oh well. I think I had a bit of a “I can eat whatever I want because I do hardcore zumba 5X per week and I ate like crap @ Gencon and still lost weight” attitude and just didn’t even care. WTF, man. Bad decisions. I didn’t sleep well and I didn’t work out yesterday, and I blame it on the food.

I also got on the scale this morning (2 days before WI) and saw that it said I was up a lb. I HAVE EATEN SO MUCH SALT and I’m sure that’s why–so I have to work out hard tonight and tomorrow and drink nothing but water all day everyday and hope that it helps. I’m disappointed in myself but hey, it happened, it’s over, I’m gonna move on and continue with my journey. Just a bump in the road…

Tonight instead of going to zumba I’m going with Bre to a class called “U-JAM” at the NAtional Guard Armory that one of her friends is teaching. I am assuming it’s like hip hop zumba because JAM stands for “Just add music”…so we better be dancing. If any of that bootcamp BS shows up I am outta there…not my style.

Hope everyone has a great Monday–here is a pic of the clever little thought bubbles that Patrick came up with on the placemat for kids @ Pizza Hut yesterday, lol…



It’s Friday!

Yay. I am super glad that it’s Friday! This post is going to be all over the place, lol… I have been more tired than normal this week because of our amazing Gencon experience, so yeah. I’m ready to chill out a bit!

With that being said, I’m doing quite a bit this weekend. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up and go to zumba at 10am. This should be interesting, as I have a little bit of a harder time working out early in the morning because my asthma is like “lungs…not..awake…YET…GAAAASP”, but I’m going to go anyway. Then it’s grocery shopping and cleaning the house, as it is DISGUSTING and just needs to be scrubbed everywhere, lol.

Sunday will probably be my biggest chill out day, and we need to catch up on Dexter. I can’t even remember now how many episodes we’ve missed–something like 4 I think? IDK. Maybe just 3. But we have to do that, lol.

Tonight is game night, and we’re playing a new game that Scott/Bre/Jman found at Gencon called “Shadows of Esteren.” From what I understand, it’s kind of a mix of DnD and Cthulhu, and pretty heavy on the roleplaying, which I love. It’s also got a celtic-like theme and the artwork is beautiful, so I’m really excited about that (my family is Scottish, so anything celtic = awesome). You can find info about it here:

A coworker brought donuts in this morning. Sigh. I have managed to say no for now, and plan on saying no all day, as I made these delicious looking things last night for game night:

Mexican Chili Cupcakes

Mexican Chocolate Chili Cupcakes

I found these courtesy of the Duncan Hines webiste, They look so so yummy and I can’t wait to eat them! (That is NOT a pic of my cupcakes, lol, mine don’t look as fancy!) They have cinnamon and cayenne pepper in them, so they’ll be a bit spicy. Yum yum yum 🙂 So that’s why I’m resisting the donuts. People keep walking by my office saying “why don’t you want one, seriously? They’re so good Kelly!” and I’m just like “I’M FRAKKING AWARE OF HOW DELICIOUS DONUTS ARE WHY DO YOU THINK I’M ON WEIGHT WATCHERS?!?!” Ugh. So annoying.

At any rate, I hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂 Here’s Clara–she’s so tired, she’s ready for the weekend!

Sleepy girl!

Sleepy girl!

Change of WI Day

hump day pic

Well, I am changing my weigh in day to Wednesday. I am trying not to change my WI day too much, but this is the 2nd time I’ve done it in almost a year, so I’m ok with it. The main reason is this:

1. In the last few weeks, I’ve been going to zumba Monday-Thursday nights. My zumba classes on Monday and Wednesday nights work me a LOT harder than the ones on Tuesday and Thursday, and because of this, I think my muscles have been holding onto some water weight on Thursday morning. The past few times I’ve weighed myself on both Wed and Thurs, the scale has shown more of a loss on Wed rather than Thursday. So, for my sanity, I’m changing my weigh in day to Wednesday.

Also, I EFFING LOST 2 LBS IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Wtf?!! I couldn’t believe this, as I ate like pure crap during Gencon. However, we walked SO much (probably more than 3 or 4 miles per day) during the convention and I have done zumba twice this week already. (Even though on Monday night I had to stop halfway through because I hadn’t done it for 5 days and thought I was going to die!) So, when I looked at the scale this morning (Sorry, forgot a pic because I didn’t decide to change the WI day until I got to work) it said

MINUS 3.4 POUNDS!!! This was so awesome I almost started crying. I was positive I would see a gain this week, and am thrilled because I think the couple/few weeks that I’ve been doing zumba are actually paying off now. So, I was like no, eff this, I am recording my damn weight today because I deserve it and if I see a “smaller” loss tomorrow morning because of my hard workout tonight, I will be pissed. (I know, I know, the scale number isn’t everything!!) So anyway, that’s the reason for changing the weigh in day. Woohoo!

Speaking of zumba, I am totally absolutely in love with it. The best thing about it is that every single workout is different–although in each class we use mostly the same songs, they are always in a different order, and your muscles get REALLY surprised by this, which means your body will be constantly adjusting and not getting comfortable and used the workout. I hope that translates to steady weight loss, lol. I am going to start to *TRY* doing zumba 5 days a week–M,T,W,Th, and Saturday.

I also downloaded a free C25K app on my phone, and am going to try to train for this in 12 weeks instead of 8. I don’t want to try and pack in 5 days of zumba PLUS 3 C25K workouts. The 5k that I want to do is actually in a little less than a year from now, and takes place at (you guessed it) GENCON! It’s called the Orc Stomp, and it runs through the White River Gardens in the Indy zoo. My friend Bre wants to run it with me, so that’ll be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!

At any rate, I better get to work. I just couldn’t hold in my excitement at my loss this week. I am part of a 6-week weight loss challenge here at work, and the person who wins the most body fat % lost will get some free work out gear from our institution. I am not banking on winning, but we weigh-in for the final time on September 3, and as of now since we started in July, I’ve lost about 7.4 lbs. Woooooo! We’ll see what happens.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Gencon Pics!

OK, so my computer was being weird yesterday and didn’t want me to upload photos…here are some of my favorites! (I took more, but don’t want to post pics of people in costumes I don’t know as they didn’t give me their permission to post on my blog!)

(from l to right) Patrick, Jake, and Jman @ the baseball game...nice face, honey...

(from l to right) Patrick, Jake, and Jman @ the baseball game…nice face, honey…

Baseball game!

Baseball game!

Scott and Bre in the beergarden dressed up as Cloud and Lulu from Final Fantasy

Scott and Bre in the beergarden dressed up as Cloud and Lulu from Final Fantasy

Cardhall, this was on the last day after folks had been working on this all weekend

Cardhall, this was on the last day after folks had been working on this all weekend

Giant Settlers of

Giant Settlers of Catan…so…awesome…

Giant Cthulhu Balloon Creature!

Giant Cthulhu Balloon Creature!

First Day--here are Bre and Scott dressed up as Steampunk and Ichigo from Bleach respectively

First Day–here are Bre and Scott dressed up as Steampunk and Ichigo from Bleach respectively

Giant Statue of Loth in the DnD Area

Giant Statue of Loth in the DnD Area


OK, so I was trying to think of how to describe Gencon in this post, and I just can’t do it justice. It was some of the best 4 days I’ve had in a while. I mean, 150,000 people who are passionate about gaming all together doing all kinds of events, eating, drinking and just generally being really merry. And I mean truly, truly merry! Everyone there was so nice. We had a blast.

On Wednesday night, we got there and went out to eat. It was nutso downtown, but we were able to get a spot in a local restaurant that had a Pathfinder themed menu–it was pretty sweet–I got a bison burger and a fruit cup for a side, and DOWNED that whole bison burger because I was starving. I’m pretty sure that it was actually cow, but it was so busy in there that I didn’t want to bother the waitress. It was still really good.

That night, we just walked around and hung out. There wasn’t much going on as most of the events started on Thursday, so it was just nice to chill.

On Thursday morning, we got up and went to the Convention Center to check out the auction and the vendor hall. The auction is cool because there’s all this stuff in it (games, action figures, cards, books, movies, etc) that are REALLY cheap and just get cheaper as every day goes on. We only had a little money this year, so we didn’t spend anything. The vendor hall is absolutely amazing too as it’s HUGE and there are tons of things to see/buy and stuff. That afternoon, our friends Bre and Scott were both running RPG’s from 2pm-11pm (Bre had a Call of Cthulhu RPG from 2-6 and Scott had an Outbreak: The Undead RPG from 2-6 and a Cthulhu DnD game of his design from 7-11). During that time, we went out to the bar with Jason (Jman) and just had some beers. It was a good time! We also went to the vendor hall and just demo’ed some games. It’s amazing–there are tons and tons of tables where you can sit and demo games all over the hall. We played a so-so game called “Phantam” that was sort of like a logic/guessing/memory game and then played a game that I HATED called “Uchronia.” It was about dinosaurs in Rome, but there was barely anything in the game that actually included dinosaurs and it was a really complicated resource game that I didn’t want to be spending my time on. I mean seriously, at this point Patrick and Jman and me were good and buzzed from the beer and that game TOTALLY was a buzzkill. Oh well!

That night Jman, Jake, Patrick and me went to the Indianapolis Indians game because we all got tix for $7 each. It was super fun, although we lost. Oh well! We went to go buy generic tix that night after the game and then we went to sleep.

Friday morning started our events–we went to “Hickman’s Killer Breakfast” at 9am, and “True Dungeon” at 11:50. Hickman’s Killer Breakfast is AWESOME. It was a show that starred Tracy Hickman ( and his wife where basically, there are always 8 people on stage at one time. Tracy creates a world and situation and asks each person how they got there. The more creative/funny the answer, the better–he then melds all of these together into scenarios and it just gets ridiculous, asking people “what do you do when blank?” If he doesn’t like your answer, your character dies, you leave the stage, and someone else comes on. Roleplaying at its most hilarious!

Then we went to True Dungeon, a live walk-through DnD game. This was AWESOME, and I’d definitely do it again. Our party got blown up at the end, but it was still really fun.

We spent the rest of the day in the beer garden (nom nom) and I went to a seminar on religious appropration in gaming. It was fascinating, and gave me a lot to think about.

That night, we went back to Bre and Scott’s hotel and played “Werewolf” until 1 am or something–it’s a game that is very similar to mafia, but with a little more roleplaying involved. Super super fun!

On Saturday, we got up a little later as we were super tired from all the Werewolf the night before. We knocked around the vendor hall for a bit before our day of LARPING for 8 straight hours began (LARP-ing = live action role play-ing). I have never LARPed before, so this was new for me. We did a Battlestar Galactica LARP, and it was AMAZING. Seriously, so so fun. We started and by the time it had been 4 hours, it felt like 2 minutes. It was intense! We then LARPed a live action Cthulhu game. This was NOT at all like the Battlestar LARP, and not in a good way. Our characters had no motivations, so we basically just stood around for 4 hours. This has motivated Bre and I to try and write and run a Cthulhu LARP for next year, taking place on the Titanic–should be AWESOME if we actually can get it together, which I am confident we can.

On Sunday, we just walked around the vendor hall and picked up any last items that we wanted. It was AWFUL to have to leave–Gencon should be a full week long! I have already decided that I’m going to do 3 costumes next year, and I know exactly what 🙂 Keep following me and you will find out next year!

At any rate, it was amazing and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go. I didn’t eat well AT ALL and fell into my old eating habits, but managed to track my food every day regardless. Honestly, we walked SO SO SO MUCH that I think I walked a lot of the food/beer off-I got on the scale this am, and it said -1.4 lbs, which means I’m down 0.2 from last week. Going to zumba tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week, so that should help.

Hope you all have a great week! I have some pics from Gencon but my computer is being silly right now so I’ll upload them tomorrow AM. 🙂